Special Pathogens Laboratory

1401 Forbes Ave Suite 401
Pittsburgh,  PA 15219

Phone: View Phone Number412-281-5335
Fax: View Fax Number412-281-7445

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Special Pathogens Laboratory, The Legionella Experts®, delivers evidence-based solutions that prevent disease and save lives from Legionella and other waterborne pathogens found in building water systems. Founded by Dr. Janet E. Stout, SPL is recognized worldwide for more than 30 years of clinical and environmental expertise in Legionnaires’ disease prevention. SPL offers Total Legionella Control, an integrated platform of evidence-based solutions, which includes: Legionella and waterborne pathogens testing; collaborative consulting and education; and the ZEROutbreak® solution—the only validated strategy proven by studies in peer-reviewed journals to prevent outbreaks. Designed by clinical and environmental Legionella experts, the ZEROutbreak standard promotes zero outbreaks and ensures compliance with state regulations, the ASHRAE 188 standard, and requirements for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

Water Treatment - Systems and Services
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